Majorca Taxi Transfer Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions of Carriage.
If the luggage or number of passengers exceeds the capacity of the hired vehicle, the customer must pay the difference for a larger vehicle.
If the client does not accept the payment of this vehicle, Mallorca Taxi may cancel its reservation without right to compensation for breach of contract and may request damages.
Any cancellation of reservation must be made by email to indicating the reservation code.
In case of receiving your cancellation request more than 8 hours before the start of the first or only section that you wish to cancel, you will be reimbursed the full amount of your transfer.
Should you receive your cancellation request less than 8 hours before the start of the first or only section that you wish to cancel, you will be reimbursed 50% of the total amount of your transfer.
No amount will be refunded in case the cancellation occurs less than 2 hours before the scheduled time for the transfer service that you wish to cancel.
The date and time of receipt of the email will determine the term of the request.
Any request for modification of reservation must be made with 8 hours in advance by email to indicating the reservation code.
Late requests will be checked for availability for the changes you request.
At the airport or place of accommodation, the customer must present the paper or mobile phone reservation voucher to the driver or, where appropriate, the reservation number assigned to the customer to avoid any confusion.
At the airport, the meeting point of the terminal is where the driver waits for the customer. If the customer for any reason does not locate the driver or the meeting point you should contact the emergency phone number assigned in your reservation that will be available 24 hours in order to locate you.
At the airport, if the customer does not locate the driver at the meeting point and does not want to wait and leave with another vehicle, the reservation tranche will not be entitled to a refund and we will give the service as "Not presented" at 60 minutes Standby
On departures to the Airport Mallorca Taxi reserves the right to a margin of 15 minutes on the time indicated in the reservation for the following cases: traffic withholdings due to accidents, cuts or deviations for parties or sports events, technical or mechanical problems Of the vehicle or police controls.
In the place of accommodation, the meeting point will be the address or name of the establishment indicated by the client in the reservation, if the address is not clear or is subject to confusion the service may be delayed for not indicating the client correctly the place of Collection.
At the place of accommodation, the courtesy waiting time will be 15 on the schedule scheduled by the customer, once the courtesy time passed the vehicle will leave and we will give the service as not presented.
In the place of accommodation if the client retains the vehicle for reasons beyond our control and exceeds the time of waiting for courtesy, Mallorca taxi will be able to bill the client the waiting time according to the stipulated prices of waiting in the official rates.
To avoid unnecessary costs, it is the clients obligation to be punctual in the time indicated in the reservation.
At the Airport, delayed flights do not entail any price increase after your reservation or waiting times. The Taxi will be sent to the meeting point once the flight has landed.
The maximum waiting time at Palma de Mallorca airport is 75 minutes once the flight is landed. We recommend that if you have problems at the airport with customs, luggage or other reason, contact the emergency telephone number assigned to you Reservation so that we do not give your reservation as "Not presented" and we can wait for you.
Once the customer has been presented at the meeting point they should go directly to the vehicle, if the customer retains the driver for a different management than the one that has contracted Mallorca Taxi may apply an amount for waiting time. At the place of accommodation, the maximum waiting time will be 15 minutes on pick up time.
The client contracts the vehicle from the airport of Palma de Mallorca to the place of destination or vice versa directly, if the client has to make a stop in the journey of more than 10 minutes in a shopping center, gas station, collection of keys, or extra ticket , You will be able to apply an extra cost.
The amount of waiting times is € 20 per taxi, € 40 per minivan and € 60 per minibus or coach for each hour, the minimum amount of billing time is one hour.
Underage children are considered as a passenger regardless of age. Mallorca Taxi will include the childrens seats or elevators requested in the reservation at no extra cost.
We reserve the right not to include any or part of a seat or an elevator if for any reason of incident can not be supplied to the customer due to last minute vehicle change or major incident, we do not accept any liability or claim for not including by Force the child restraint devices requested at the time of reservation.